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Our Projects

When you start modifying and installing parts on customer vehicles your own Jeep gets put on the back burner.  Extreme Roc Rigs has been in business since February 2007 and since that time my personal Jeep has literally been put out to pasture.  I made a goal this year to get the ole YJ back into good running order so my family and I could enjoy the great outdoors more.  Most of the modifications you see now occurred within the first couple of years of ownership.  I purchased the 92 Jeep YJ used

Project Gumby started out as a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic. This customer bought the Cherokee to be a wheeler and after about 5 years of trail riding the stock front Dana 30 and rear Ford 8.8 had enough. In February of 2007 after an extremely bad weekend at Grayrock ORV Park in Mt Olive, Alabama, it was determined that front and rear Dana 60s were destined for the Cherokee. In September, 2007, after finding a front reverse cut Dana 60 and a rear Dana 60 from a 1979 F350 the existing Cherokee axles were removed and the 60’s were rolled under the Cherokee.

We recently installed a Rubicon Express RE7000 4.5” Super-Flex lift kit on a Jeep TJ.  This particular TJ was the Rubicon edition and featured a skid plate for the automatic transmission’s oil pan.  Once the lift kit was installed and the Jeep was sitting on the ground we noticed that the skid plate for the automatic transmission was going to hit the front driveshaft.  Most TJ owners’ just remove the skid plate to resolve this issue, however this particular customer wanted to keep the additional skid plate.