Our Goals

Extreme Roc Rigs has been in business since February 2007 and launched our first on-line store in November 2009.  We have established an excellent local customer base but in an effort to create a more user-friendly website that offers a greater variety of products, we decided to scrap our existing website and start fresh with a completely new site.
We have several goals to meet with our new site.  First, we wanted to offer a greater variety of lines.  We will begin with the full product lines offered by Trail-Gear, Corbeau, Rigid Industries, Rugged Ridge, and Raceline.  By the end of the first quarter of 2014 we anticipate adding Trailready, Garvin, Rubicon Express, G2 Gear and Axle, Currie and PSC Motorsports.
Our second goal is to establish an active calendar of events for off-road parks in the southeast and the major racing series. In addition to an active calendar of events we plan to organize rides at several local parks and publish articles with park reviews and pictures
Our final goal is to post articles about current projects.  We currently have two restoration projects planned for an 80 Full Size Cherokee and a 76 International Scout.  We also have plans to bring our neglected 92 YJ out of retirement and get her back on the trails.  We plan to place videos, pictures and product reviews up on the site as we pursue these projects.
Of course we want to hear from you.  If you have a special project or want to share a lesson learned send us your video, pictures and descriptions and we’ll include your project on our site.
We look forward to the future and hope you will find the new website to be user friendly and a source to meet all of your needs.