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Synthetic Winch Rope | Trail Gear | ATV Winch Rope

6 lb

Trail-Gear Synthetic Rock Recovery Winch Line is made from Dyneema Fiber.  Off-road recovery using the strongest and most UV resistant material in the world is now completed with confidence.  Trail-Gear Rock Recovery™ Winch Line come with a stainless steel thimble, 12-strand braids,  and are all pre-stretched as well as the first 5 feet is convered with a black nylon sleeve to protect the line from rocks and trees.

Synthetic winch line is about 45% stronger than conventional steel cable and weighs only a fraction of what steel cable weighs. In fact, synthetic winch line is so light it floats on water. When steel cable winch line fails, breaks, or comes off of the attachment point it recoils from stored energy, snaps back, and can be deadly. There is almost no snap back at all with synthetic winch line because it does not store energy like the steel cable, this is why steel cable winch line is no longer permitted at most off road competitions or races. Synthetic winch line is very flexible, but does not curl or kink and will never cut your fingers.
Diameter     Length     Maximum Breaking Strength
3/8"     50'     18,000lb.
3/8"     75'     18,000lb.
3/8"     100'     18,000lb.

Available Options:

    Rock Recovery™ Winch Line, 3/8" x 50', 180132-KIT
    Rock Recovery™ Winch Line, 3/8" x 75', 180131-KIT
    Rock Recovery™ Winch Line, 3/8" x 100', 180130-KIT

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